15 -Minute update: Flu season hits Central Coast, Open Mic for Autism, and a new club on campus: SLIME

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30-Minute update: Students create prosthetic hand for local boy, Valentine’s Day preparation on campus

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30-Minute Update: Students will be paying more to graduate, Cal Poly class brings digital libraries to Micronesia

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5th graders: constructing their futures with sand

Cal Poly architectural engineering and liberal studies students teamed up to teach local 5th graders about what they do, and it all led up to a beach day where the students designed and built their own sandcastles.

An inside look at the Cal Poly logging team

The Cal Poly logging team teaches students from all majors log chopping, birling and more.

Logging Team wins 75th Association of Western Forestry Clubs Conclave

Cal Poly Logging Team defeats over 20 other teams in competition.

30-Minute Update: Cal Poly named ‘Best in the West,’ pier opens its gates to the public

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5-Minute Update: Architecture Design competition, Professionals critique Cal Poly musicians

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30-Minute Update: Long lines at the health center, haunted corn maze

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