Mustang Minute: Safer hosts Healthy Sex on Dex

Christina Favuzzi [follow id= “ChristinaFav”]

Mustang Minute: freedom of speech display on Dexter Lawn

Christina Favuzzi [follow id= “ChristinaFav”] The Cal Poly Republicans Club has built a fake Berlin Wall on Dexter Lawn where students have the opportunity to express their thoughts and opinions. “Looking over this, some of these things, they offend me,…

Mustang Minute: Fire in Sequoia Hall displaces freshmen

Ashley DeVriend [follow id= “AshleyDeVriend”] Mustang News reporter Ashley DeVriend talks with freshman and firefighters about the fire in Sequoia Hall on Sunday night.

Mustang Minute: Warren J. Baker Center for Science and Mathematics Dedication

David Aguilar [follow id= “davidaguilar92”] Mustang News reporter David Aguilar covers the dedication ceremony for Cal Poly’s newest building.

Mustang Minute, Oct. 30, 2013: Twitter rumors spread about Zac Efron on campus

Twitter blew up Tuesday night with posts about Zac Efron being on Cal Poly’s campus.

Mustang Minute, Oct. 29, 2013: Campus Dining offers reusable containers

[follow id= “ChristinaFav”] Campus Dining now offers freshmen reusable containers to fill with food from 19 Metro and VG Cafe. Christina Favuzzi finds out about the Eco-To-Go program.

Mustang Minute, Oct. 29, 2013: Women’s soccer clinches Big West title

Ashley DeVriend [follow id= “AshleyDeVriend”] Cal Poly women’s soccer beat UCSB on Friday and now clinches a share of the Big West title. They can hold the Big West title outright if they win their game against UC Davis, and…

Mustang Minute, Oct. 23, 2013: Safer Clothesline Project

Mustang News reporter Ashley DeVriend explains the difference SAFER is making on campus through their Clothesline Project.

Mustang Minute, Oct. 22, 2013: Get lost in Cal Poly’s corn maze

[follow id= “ChristinaFav”] As night falls, the Cal Poly corn maze becomes a destination for thrill seekers with cobwebs, coffins, and chainsaws around every corner. Christina Favuzzi sees if she can make it through the maze.

Mustang Minute, Oct. 21, 2013: Runners recount Nike Women’s Marathon

[follow id= “ashleydevriend”] Mustang News reporter Ashley DeVriend talks with Cal Poly students who ran the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco on Sunday.

Mustang Minute, Oct. 15, 2013: SLO Donut Company turns three

Olivia DeGennaro [follow id= “LivDeGennaro”] Mustang News reporter Olivia DeGennaro takes a taste test at local study spot, SLO Donut Company.