Fraternity could face six-year suspension if not appealed

PIKE may appeal the suspension within 20 days to Vice President for Student Affairs, according to the release.

30-Minute Update: Sheriff’s Office investigates sexual assault, monarch butterflies migrate to Pismo

Mustang News anchors Michelle Logan and Dillon Payne recap Mustang News’ biggest stories this week.

Reported sexual assault survivor speaks to Sheriff’s Office, criminal investigation begins

The San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Office and Cal Poly are now conducting investigations into the incident.

Mustang News Now: 1-Minute update

Mustang News anchor Leah Horner has the headlines you need to know going into this week.

Woman reports sexual assault at PIKE party

A woman reported being sexually assaulted at a Pi Kappa Alpha off-campus party on Friday.

IFC has record-breaking fall rush

Approximately 1,100 men participated in rush, 300-400 more than usual.

Cal Poly, West Coast jump on the Yik Yak bandwagon

Approximately 23 percent of Cal Poly undergraduates currently use Yik Yak.

Dean of Students: Pi Kappa Alpha did not host party during social probation

Cal Poly spokesperson Matt Lazier said the event began with “a handful of people.”

PIKE to honor brother at charity barbecue Sunday

After the death of Cal Poly student Luke Powers during the first week of classes, Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKE) is hosting a barbecue and fundraiser in remembrance of their friend.

No investigation for sexual assault report

Sean McMinn When San Luis Obispo police received a call reporting a sexual assault at a fraternity house the weekend before Halloween, they launched an investigation. Seventeen minutes later, the case was closed — the report was labeled: “unfounded.”…

SLO Police: sexual assault call to PIKE fraternity house unfounded

Update 11 a.m. Though police originally said an officer responded to the report of a sexual assault at a PIKE house, Sgt. Janice Goodwin said Wednesday the officer did not in fact respond to a physical location. After police received…