Cal Poly's CalGeo chapter a 'Rising Star'

Rising stars — that’s what the California Geotechnical Engineers Association (CalGeo) decided Cal Poly’s student chapter was.

Dreaming of safe play: Student startup swings without borders

It started as an internship for landscape architecture seniors Michael Aguas and Nicholas Tuttle. By the end, it became a dream.

Student startups accelerate to new beginnings

The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) is finishing up its fourth year of existence. For the first time in its history, it inducted a nonprofit into its 2014 SLO HotHouse Accelerator Program.

Student-designed golf cart (almost) drives itself

Self-driving vehicles have fascinated engineers and consumers for some time. A division of Cal Poly’s robotics club is trying their hands at this technology.

Norovirus plagues Stagecoach attendees

Students suffering from Norovirus may have gotten it from Stagecoach.

Steeling the competition: Bridge team disqualification overturned

After being disqualified from its regional competition, Cal Poly’s Steel Bridge Team successfully appealed the decision and is now headed to the national competition.

Fanning the flames for fire protection program

Cal Poly has been fanning the flames of the fire protection engineering master’s program for about four years. Now, Cal Poly is stoking the chancellor to see if its pilot program can become a “regular program.”

HeartBleed: Bleeding secret information

The vulnerability, known as HeartBleed, is a couple of lines of code that were added about two in a half years ago by a developer working on the OpenSSL project.

Cal Poly professor discovers new planets

After 14 years of studying stars wobbling, physics professor David Mitchell and his research team have discovered seven new planets.

Using your eyes to spy

Malicious hackers could be spying on you — through you own eyes.

Students team up to help those living in poverty

Engineering and business administration students are coming together to explore new ways to help those living in poverty thanks to a $10,000 Sustainable Vision grant from the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance.