City of San Luis Obispo approves program establishing rental housing inspections

An ordinance establishing a rental housing inspection program has been approved.

Cal Poly to host SLO City Council candidates

Students have a chance to talk with two of the candidates vying for a seat on the San Luis Obispo City Council on campus Thursday.

Mardi Gras, Cal Poly and the ‘biggest celebration west of the Mississippi’

Brian De Los Santos The first thing Graham Updegrove heard was screaming. Then the entire crowd started running. “I didn’t even look back, I just kind of started running as well,” Updegrove said. “I took a couple of steps…

Mayoral election fails to draw students

James Corbett With Election Day just more than a month away, the presidential and congressional races have been thrust into the spotlight. The local San Luis Obispo mayoral race hasn’t garnered as much attention, however. Who’s in the race?…

No slashed budgets for SLO

In a time where two California cities recently declared bankruptcy, San Luis Obispo is steering clear of financial trouble. The San Luis Obispo City Council approved the city budget for the upcoming 2012-13 year on June 19, making this year the first…