Water flow restrictions come to campus bathrooms

Modifications have been made to resident hall and public restrooms on campus, as well as resident hall shower heads.

To expand global programs, Cal Poly adds international student fee

Cal Poly will increase international student’s tuition by $150 per quarter beginning in fall, and the newly established fee is set to increase in 2015.

Dean: Campus convinced admin to keep Cross Cultural Centers in UU

Building 52 originally presented an opportunity to increase space for the Cross Cultural Centers, which includes the Gender Equity Center, Pride Center and MultiCultural Center.

Cross Cultural Centers to stay in UU

After an end-of-school standoff between Cross Cultural Centers supporters and Cal Poly administrators over the future location of the center, the university has chosen to keep it in its current home inside the Julian A. McPhee University Union (UU).

Our 4 years, and the events that shaped them

Remember the Harlem Shake video in the University Union Plaza that went viral online?

Media convergence paid off in Stenner Street Standoff

After last Wednesday, there’s a lot to brag about.

Search narrows for new agriculture dean

As listed on the weekly e-newsletter for Cal Poly employees, Andrew Thulin, John Russin and Kimberlee Kidwell will be making appearances on campus from Friday until May 23 to host open forums centered around their candidacy for dean.

Elections without politics? Parties absent from ASI campaigning

Neither national politics nor student party affiliations play a significant role in Cal Poly’s elections.

'We understand the sacrifice': Cal Poly VP and SLO mayor's pre-graduation request of downtown bars

“All too often, the commencement ceremonies are overshadowed and become unsafe due to the conduct of intoxicated students who have visited city bars prior to the ceremonies.”

ASI elections: What if there's no winner?

With three candidates running for the presidency this year, it’s a very real possibility the one with the most votes might not have enough to win straight away.