WATCH: KCPR Open Mic Night

Bands, musicians and comedians performed at KCPR’s Open Mic Night.

WATCH: KCPR’s Open Mic Night

If you missed the event, you can still watch KCPR’s Open Mic Night.

Next stop: Próxima Parada looks onward with Indiegogo

Local folk/soul band Próxima Parada is taking the next step in its musical journey by launching an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign on Feb. 7 to raise money for its next album.

Music and movies: a match made in … Hollywood?

“The Great Gatsby,” as interpreted by the always-subtle and understated Baz Luhrmann, presents the whirlwind of Roaring ’20s opulence.

‘Gatsby’ trailers and soundtrack dazzle, but will the film?

The New York lights glitter in the night. In West Egg, a mansion is filled with crowds adorned in opulent ’20s garments. Guests dance and converse on every confetti-blanketed surface. Fireworks boom above their heads as restlessness envelopes the air.

10 Halloween party songs that don’t suck

Kyle Loomis is a journalism senior and Mustang Daily music columnist. It’s Halloween, and to college students, this holiday translates to one of the biggest party weekends of the year. If you decide to host a Halloween celebration, there are…