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Dorm life during COVID-19 as a Cal Poly student athlete

Before COVID-19, every Cal Poly freshman was required to share a dorm room with another student. However, students this year lives alone in their respective rooms.  Almost every Cal Poly freshman student-athlete has been assigned their own dorm room in the yakʔitʸutʸu residence halls, according to freshman guard Camren Pierce from Men’s Basketball.  “This dorm […]

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Gov. Newsom signs bill to allow student-athletes ability to be financially compensated for their likeness

Gov. Gavin Newsom defied the NCAA and many universities by signing a bill Monday, Sept. 30 that gives California student-athletes the opportunity to profit off their own likeness or image. The law goes into effect Jan. 1, 2023. SB-206 was signed into law by Newsom on LeBron James’ talk show “The Shop.” James, along with […]

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Mustangs play nice with social media

Collegiate athletic programs across the country are weighing the pros and cons of allowing student-athletes to use Twitter and other social media websites. Some critics are even calling for a NCAA-wide ban against such media. In 2011, respected universities such as UCLA, Mississippi State and Syracuse have learned the damaging effects that come with athletes’ […]



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