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What liberals can learn from triathletes

Brendan Abrams is a liberal arts and engineering studies junior and Mustang News columnist. The views expressed in this column do not reflect the viewpoints and editorial coverage of Mustang News. My stereotypical Jewish mother thinks I’m quite good at triathlons (races involving swimming, biking and running, for the uninitiated). She’s wrong. I don’t win […]

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Cal Poly sends thousands to Wildflower

This year marks the 30th annual Wildflower Triathlon this weekend at Lake San Antonio, where more than 900 Cal Poly students will volunteer and support the Cal Poly Triathlon team. The Avia Wildflower triathlons consist of three races — the long course, mountain bike and olympic distance triathlons — and three days of festivities and […]

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Triathlon team begins competition schedule

Spring has arrived and many Cal Poly students took advantage of last week’s warm weather by studying outdoors or enjoying the new pool at the Recreation Center. To members of the Cal Poly triathlon club team, spring’s warm arrival signals the start of their season. With two months until the Collegiate National Championships, Mustang triathletes […]