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Reported by students for the greater SLO community.

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Feel Alive: Providing SLO with repurposed, locally-sourced vegan food

“Eat life, feel alive,” Jamie Himler said about her life and business philosophy. Environmental management and protection sophomore Himler wants to change the fate of imperfect food products, ensuring they end up in people’s stomachs rather than in garbage cans. Feel Alive was created by Jamie Himler and environmental engineering senior Gerardo “Jerry” Cortes because […]

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Fifteen-year-old SLO activist fights for animals’ lives

Happy Hen Animal Sanctuary continually inspires and drives founder Zoe Rosenberg as she strives to achieve her goal of protecting and liberating animals. Through resistance and vocalization, Rosenberg creates an impact in the San Luis Obispo community and beyond. Rosenberg is a 15-year-old high school student at Olive Grove Charter School, balancing her schoolwork with […]