I am conservative, and so are you

I guess that what I should say, truthfully, is that I want to be conservative.

How our votes affect you

Last week, millions of Americans participated in a national bubble fill-in ritual.

Government regulation: revolving doors that go ’round and ’round

Government regulation — it’s as if during the World Series the umpires were all former players of the Royals, the Royals franchise was paying them and they were all wearing royals uniforms while umpiring.

Don't be sheeple: Question government

Prepare yourself, because Professor Zach is about to lay down some heavy political theory.

Facts can't change climate debate

For about forty columns, I’ve avoided talking about climate change.

'Stand your ground' saves no one

I’ll start with a full disclosure: I don’t own a gun.

The drawback of 'spreading democracy'

You walk into an ice cream parlor and order a scoop of your favorite flavor, strawberry.

America faces a prisoner's dilemma

Ian Billings/Staff Photographer “I am more concerned with the exorbitant amount of money we spend on each inmate per year, as well as the inability of the prison system to prepare inmates for life back in society.” Zachary Antoyan [follow…

Job creation isn't a sufficient justification

Ian Billings/Staff Photographer “At what point has the creation of jobs become the trump card of selling points for us to not fully evaluate a proposal where job creation is a secondary benefit of the plan?” Zachary Antoyan [follow id…

Occupy finally finds direction

It was easy for a lot of different people to chastise the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Most media outlets were instantly skeptical, Republicans finally had a liberal splinter group they could berate to take the heat off of their Tea Party, and even Stephen Colbert tried to provide some directional aid.

Good, even for profit, is good

Several weeks ago, in this liberal column, I laid some groundwork on how companies could be part of the solution to large political, social and economic problems that exist today. Most of the time I find that they are the problem, but that really isn’t true, nor is it fair.