I want to give credit where credit is due. Last quarter I sat on the Academic Advising Council with Matt Taylor because, as members of the Board of Directors, we felt that advising and graduation evaluations were a concern of students. That council has been working with the Information Technology Services program toward bringing students a Poly Progress Audit that shows then what classes have been taken and which ones still needs to be taken.

I don’t want to get caught up in the details and logistics of this report, but the main reason for my writing this letter is because since the presidential elections have begun, I find it surprising that a “live-access” graduation evaluation was considered a “new” idea that was believed to be thought up as a part of a platform.

I want to clarify that although each candidate is trying to gain recognition for great ideas to improve the campus, I want to inform the students that a live-access graduation evaluation, is not a “new” idea at all, but something Matt Taylor has been working on for the majority of this year. Having worked beside him on this issue for all of last quarter, I would know. I hope you will vote for the candidate that not only speaks about change, but actively pursues achieving it. I believe that candidate to be Matt Taylor.

Martha Caldwell
Business junior

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