Ryan Chartrand

What ticks you off? What do you wish would change that would make life that much better?

As your ASI president, it is my duty to represent you and the other 18,000 students of Cal Poly to the university administration, the city and beyond. In order to make sure we at ASI are properly representing your ideas, we need to know what’s on your mind.

At the end of fall quarter, we began what will become one of the most extensive student outreach efforts in recent Cal Poly history. It began at UU Hour with a simple idea: Give a suggestion or idea and get a free cookie. In just 50 minutes, we were able to reach more than 70 students and receive all sorts of great feedback ranging anywhere from adding more intramural sports to bringing more speakers and debates to campus.

To continue this outreach effort into the new quarter, we have already begun to visit with each of the residence hall councils. These visits have been huge successes. We will soon be scheduling visits with as many clubs and student organizations as we can in order to hear as many ideas as possible. We’ll then take all of the ideas and suggestions we receive and make the most prominent themes our priorities.

We don’t only want feedback about ASI (although it is definitely welcome). We want to hear what you think about anything and everything that would benefit students if it were changed. These issues that matter the most to students will be the ones we will most heavily advocate for. Whether it is extending the bus service to later evening hours, dealing with the crowded gym, increasing the healthy options for food on campus, or any other idea you may have, share it with us.

If you’d like to have myself or other members of ASI come talk with your organization and listen to any ideas you may have, just e-mail or call me (the information is below). Let me know when and where your group meets so we can schedule a visit.

If you already have some ideas in mind go ahead and e-mail them to me so we can make sure they are heard.

We exist to represent you and do all that we can to help make your college experience great.

Todd Maki is your ASI president and would love to hear your ideas. Contact him at asipresident@calpoly.edu or 805-756-1291.

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