Andrew Nenow is a wine and viticulture sophomore and Mustang Daily conservative columnist.

I’m sure the plethora of Osama bin Laden articles in the media lately has been a lot to swallow, but someone like myself cannot ignore such a topic. Partly because it is such a momentous achievement by our military and government, and partly because it’s hard to find any sources of inspiration online outside of the topic.

It’s a great moment in our nation’s history where Republicans and Democrats alike can rejoice in bringing balance to the world; a moment where the hard work and sacrifices made by many American men and women came to fruition.

There was an aura about the country upon waking up on Tuesday, May 2. A general feeling that world order was restored captivated my day last week, and I could not help but smile.

In any other instance of someone being shot in the head, me saying such a thing would seem somewhat sadistic, but in the case of Osama bin Laden you can’t help but hope he got everything he deserved.

Even as a Conservative, I can say Obama handled the situation in a very tactful manner. In a motivational speech last Monday, he gave me a sense of pride that has been a dull flame the past few years with all of the obstacles this nation has had to endure. The president also informed Americans, as far as we know, in a timely manner.

By that I mean there are numerous rumors circulating around the story of bin Laden’s death; however, it is almost customary for conspiracy to surround historical moments in the last century. As I talk about these rumors, I would like to stress the fact that they are simply speculations and I hope with all of my heart that what we have been told is the truth.

The first speculation is that Osama was killed weeks ago, but for some reason, the Obama administration held out on releasing the information. I searched multiple conspiracy sites but failed to find any substantial reason for why this notion exists. For that reason, I believe this thought holds no water.

The next speculation (which is shared by many Americans) is whether or not bin Laden is actually dead. Conspiracy theorists have asked a number of questions about how bin Laden’s body was dealt with.

They are wondering why the Obama administration has refused to release pictures of bin Laden’s dead body. It seems odd to some that the president would not provide closure to the staggering number of people bin Laden affected. However, Obama has assured Americans that there is no doubt bin Laden is dead and even said, “The fact of the matter is, you will not see bin Laden walking this earth again.”

Conspirators are also wondering about the rushed sea burial that bin Laden’s body received. According to Muslim customs, sea burial is customary for those who die on a boat, far from land, making it unusual for bin Laden to be buried at sea because he was killed so far from the sea.

There are no clear answers to these questions at this point, and I also cannot help but wonder. The difference is I do not immediately assume bin Laden is still alive. I have faith in our military and in the men who risked their lives infiltrating the compound, but some explanation may be necessary.

If the conspiracy theories are correct, what is the purpose of it? The timeliness of it can be considered in this question. There is no doubt Obama’s approval rating will skyrocket from this, and with a re-election at stake it may be just what he needs for another four years.

I do not believe Obama cares more about re-election than genuinely ending the reign of a mass murderer. It also comes down to consistency in my own beliefs. I would be a hypocrite to say that Obama was capable of such a thing while saying that Bush was not responsible for 9/11, which to me is a ridiculous notion.

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