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The Chainsmokers, an EDM duo consisting of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, will perform at Cal Poly’s Recreation Center on March 30 after an announcement that Cal Poly was one of six schools chosen to comprise The Chainsmokers tour route.

Cal Poly was selected after students were amongst the first of any college campus to reach 800 presale tickets through crowdfunding application Tilt. According to Tilt Head of Media Partnerships Grace Lee, presales reached that goal within two hours of opening.

Tilt is a mobile application that allows users to wire each other money, similarly to Venmo. However, Tilt puts an emphasis on reaching monetary goals for future events, which won’t charge participating users until that goal is met.

“In a nutshell, Tilt is the easiest platform for groups to come together and make things bigger and better,” Lee said. “An example of this is: ‘Hey let’s plan our next road trip and we need to rent a house and everyone needs to pay a certain amount to pay for it.’”

Once the certain amount is reached, everyone is charged. According to Lee, this presents a no-risk environment for the user. If the event doesn’t get enough traction, the user won’t be penalized.

In the case of The Chainsmokers, Lee said the group wanted a medium with which to crowdfund a tour. That’s where Tilt came in.

“They wanted to go where their friends were rather than through a normal city,” she said. “If they toured California, they’d probably route the tour through San Francisco and Los Angeles. San Luis Obispo wouldn’t have made it. It’s all about communities coming together to engage with the artist and tell them where to play.”

The 800-ticket presale didn’t suck up all available tickets. On Thursday Feb. 18 at 1 p.m. more tickets will go on sale through the application.

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