US Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) became House Speaker after 15 rounds of voting spanning across five days. Credit: US House of Representatives | Courtesy

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Grace Schweitzer is a psychology junior and opinion columnist for Mustang News. The views expressed in this piece don’t necessarily reflect those of Mustang News. 

Over the last couple of decades our government has truly stepped up and become the calm, respectful guiding hand that its citizens have needed. Politicians have grown to love one another as much as they love the voters who helped them reach their station; this has meant that our government has become a well oiled machine that serves the needs of people — all people. 

Just recently we all got to witness the inner workings of the House and just how smoothly our government runs. When voting for a new speaker they only took 15 whole minutes – that’s a new record! Despite some hesitancy going into the vote, the House managed to stun Americans by coming to a clear decision with no stalemate occurring. 

Voting for a Speaker of the House has been a trying effort in the past, but with McCarthy eyeing the spot fellow Republicans and Democrats stood behind him strongly in a way never seen before. It was made clear that McCarthy was the man for the job to those following the vote. 

With such an even split in Congress, many assumed the vote might be closer between Jeffries and McCarthy. However, Americans were able to see the power of determination through one of the shortest Speaker of the House votes seen in years. It truly is a privilege to live in a country with such an effective government. 

Another exciting fact of this vote that was seen was how well all House members were able to maintain their respectfulness and emotions – even the women, who most would think would start yelling fits. There’s a reason why we elect such outstanding politicians to help run our country, they have learned from the past mistakes of our country as well as maxed out their teamwork skill set. 

With a new Speaker of the House, Congress will be able to move through the many bills that are flying across their desks. This should be a rather easy task now that almost everyone in Congress is on the same page after this vote. 

Now we can all sit back, relax, and know our livelihoods are in the good hands of the men and women of Congress. As we know, certain government branches and practices can be difficult to understand but this is why we have politicians, they work hard to pass legislation made to protect every single citizen in this country. 

I know I’m excited to see what the government does next, I hope you all are too!