This response to the CPSalsa issue may come a day or two late, but I feel I need to vocally support what has been said by some of the supposed “very small minority.”

I am glad the posters were covered because of one thing: Such images engender within me lustful desires. I admit it – I am a guy, and I am only human. What is lust? Encarta defines lust as sexual desires without associated feelings of love or affection. Lust is NOT love. In fact, it has no part in it.

Lust, by nature, is selfish. Love is selfless. It is beautiful. It is lasting. It leads to relationships of commitment and meaning and one day even my marriage! The realization of lustful desires will never lead me to true and lasting happiness, peace, and joy. You see, it is so temporary. True love lasts for eternity.

By small and simple means are great, often terrible things brought to past. I have lived long enough to know that freedom is taken away in small, sometimes imperceptible steps. The CPSalsa poster may seem like a small thing to some, but if I allow such images to maintain harbor in my mind; if I entertain lustful desires and selfish fantasies, I will, small means by small means lose my personal freedom – a truly terrible thing. My judgment will become impaired, perceptions will become skewed and I will no longer be master of myself, but the slave to my weaknesses.

I am careful what I put in my mind, for one day I will marry someone that has my trust, my loyalty, all of my love and none of my lust. And yes, at that time we will enjoy a beautiful physical relationship that is a respectful, exciting and full outgrowth of love and affection. Images such as the CPSalsa poster should not be hung in the halls or put in the homes of those who profess to be true and loyal to love, no matter what the standard is elsewhere. The poster is just one small means among many that that lead to an eventual loss of happiness and function, both on the individual and societal level.

Mark Egan

Aerospace engineering junior

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