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The funky reggae/rock group The Expendables is coming back to Cal Poly for a show during the Fall 2005 UU Hour.

The band comes to San Luis Obispo after a year-long absence. Its appearance is also the start of a four-day tour of southern California.

The Expendables have also just finished touring with Pepper through the West Coast and parts of Canada to promote their new album “Gettin’ Filthy.”

“The UU performance is a good way to pick up some new fans and let people know about the DVD,” drummer and singer Adam Patterson said. Though the new DVD is not a documentary, Patterson said, The Expendables felt it was a good way to show their fans what they are currently doing with the band.

The Expendables band members include lead singer and guitarist Geoff  Weers, guitarist Raul Bianchi and bassist Ryan DeMars. Based out of Santa Cruz, the band combines reggae, punk, rock and ska to create a unique sound. Their latest album follows the sophomore hit “Open Container.”

Diana Cozzi,  ASI director for programs and events, anticipates a large turnout for the UU performance.

“We keep bringing them back, because everyone loves them,” she said. “We’re anticipating several hundred to show up.”

The Expendables will play at the UU at 11 a.m. to noon, today. But for those who have class,  students of all ages can catch them at Downtown Brewery Wednesday, Oct. 5.

UU Hour takes place every Thursday from 11 a.m. to noon. 


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