Ryan Chartrand

To all parents on campus; I’d like to remind you that the library is a quiet place, where people are usually working. Bringing your children in is going to disrupt a lot of people.

Now, it’s one thing if you pop in there quickly to get a book, or to send your professor an email, or even if you’re doing some actual work yourself (though if you’re going to be working in the library for any extended amount of time, you should get a babysitter).

But when you bring your child with you while you check Facebook? That is rude and unacceptable, both to the people trying to study and to your child, who is undoubtedly bored.

Sadly, I see this trend increasing of late. So please be courteous and leave your kids at home, or at least out of the library.

Catana Capps is an animal science senior.

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