To all the freshmen in English 102 that have been complaining about the conditions of their classroom, I have a very important question for you: Are you serious? Now, it is obvious that your letters were either an assignment from an angry professor or you all got together for a powwow and brainstormed terms like “crown jewel” and “Third World learning conditions” to use as an argument. Either way, I hope your letters were a joke.

Do you know where you are right now? You are in the United States, in California, in San Luis Obispo. We live in a beautiful town with perfect weather, 10 minutes from the ocean, and we go to one of the best schools in the U.S. We have great professors, small class sizes and access to as much academic help as we want. Have you ever been to a Third World country? Do you realize how spoiled and selfish you sound? You are so lucky to be here, and not in a Third World country, but you have the balls to complain about one uncomfortable classroom within the first two weeks of your four-plus years at Cal Poly? This isn’t high school; you’re allowed to leave during class to go find a bathroom without a hall pass. Plus, not having a bathroom within 100 yards of your classroom is not the same as the many countries that struggle to have running water.

So, really? Cry about it! If you don’t like it here, leave. Go to a UC where the smallest classes are 150 people, you’re taught by a T.A., and you pay at least 5K more a year.

My only complaint about Cal Poly is that we accepted so many ungrateful freshmen this year.

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