The sad, sad tale of Chef Ed

We arrived with hunger in our eyes. Surely Veranda Caf‚ could help us in our need for a balanced (and delicious!) meal to bring verification to the day. We assumed the usual patterns. A piece of cornbread with the meal, and entrees for the additional chips and salsa they included. Also anticipated was the greeting of our friendly neighborhood culinary master, Chef Ed. Little did we know that the winds of change (along with other things) had been blowing hard over the summer.

Cornbread for a dollar!?!

To justify this, the cornbread would have to come in larger portions, warm and fresh from the oven, or be served by a stripper! (None of them Jersey Girls please; we have standards.)

No chips with entrees!?!

That just goes against everything we gringos were taught about Mexican meal stereotypes!

It’s funny that this coincides with the sudden disappearance of Chef Ed and his mighty Slotted Spoon of Justice. While he stood watch over Veranda, the evils of high-priced, low quality lunches were kept at bay. Diners were happy. With his absence though, the money-grubbing talons of the newly christened Cal Poly Corporation were free to rape and pillage the last bastion of good campus food. (May the Lighthouse rest in peace.)

We can only hope that Chef Ed is somewhere in hiding, formulating plans . of REVOLUTION. Revolution against the dark ages imposed upon us by the Corporation.


Oh, and bring back Cowboy Grub. That’s where Clint Eastwood’d eat.

Rishon Seiden
Aerospace engineering senior

Derek Johnson
Mechanical engineering senior

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