Ryan Chartrand

There were people all around, lines outside of every bar and with the start of another quarter just days away, students were everywhere to get a few more drinks in before the homework would begin to pile up.

I am not sure why Sarah decided to go downtown last weekend, but she did. Spring quarter did a number on her liver and she felt like an old lady as she stood in line for Mother’s, not excited and dreading the crazy scene inside.

But, before she could get any closer, the smell of vomit over-took her as the birthday boy had a few too many shots.

He stumbled over to her, asked her if he could have her number because he lost hers and then he lost all of his drinks – right in the gutter.

She tried to compose herself, so after paying the dollar cover she entered the bar. She saw people dancing and screaming, some flirting while others were not looking quite so hot.

She ran upstairs to sit down and figure out what to do next. There were no seats, but a table of guys invited her to sit down with them. She hesitated, but accepted. They asked her name and where she was from – then the fun began.

With dollar shots available, the guys decided Sarah needed to have a little fun. The first shot was red and tasted like cough syrup. She was barely able to choke it down, but once she did, she was finally able to let loose.

She started dancing on tables, dancing with the guys and drinking anything and everything she could get her hands on.

When she woke up the next morning, the last thing she remembered was drinking the cough syrup, the rest of the night was a blur.

OK, so let’s be serious now. This scenario did not actually happen, but many instances like this happen every week and you are the ones who hold the stories.

Almost everyone can relate to the stories like this whether it is from the weekends, house parties or various pint nights. Some stay sober while others, well, don’t.

If you have any crazy and bizarre bar stories or over 21 stories you would like to share with the Mustang Daily we would love to hear from you! Just send your story in 500 to 700 words with your name, major, year, hometown, date of birth and phone number to mustangdailyspotlight@gmail.com. We look forward to your submissions and sharing your experiences with us!

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