I would like to speak about a phenomenon I have witnessed several times during this quarter. I am talking about when walkways around campus sprout hundreds if not thousands of picket signs all with the same message.

Apparently, due to the most recent bout of signs, the pope wants me to carpool to church.

Now I have no problem with the pope, my problem lies with the churches and other organizations that litter the campus with redundant and obnoxious signage. The maintenance staff works hard to keep this place beautiful; organizations should respect the campus and stop posting their signs everywhere.

Now before people start howling about free speech let me say that I am not suggesting that these signs be prohibited. I would just like to see the organizations show some respect and put their signs along Via Carta like everyone else. That way I will only be visually accosted on one portion of campus as opposed to everywhere I go.

Brian Schultz
Biology freshman

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