It is good that the people of Tibet have been free of the Dalai Lama’s onerous brand of religious fanaticism for over 50 years. Thanks to the benevolence of the great nation of China and the heroism of the People’s Liberation Army, they now live in an age of reason and enlightenment. The theocratic regime that stifled the minds of the populace with a spectacle of superstition and irrationality is no more. The Tibetan people are now protected from their former government’s religious bigotry by an inviolable wall of separation between church and state. Never again will they be unwillingly subject to the doctrines of an archaic faith and the whims of a caste of ignorant monks and priests. Only one whose judgment is clouded by racism and religious fundamentalism could possibly disagree.

Steve Rosen

City and regional planning senior

Erik Matlin

Electrical engineering senior

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