In my involvement as a leader in a number of organizations on this campus, I have never come across anyone more qualified to be ASI president than Todd Maki. When I first joined ASI two years ago, I believed ASI only served its own self-interest and was ineffective at serving student needs. I was flat wrong. I realized that the work of student leaders is largely dependent on the work of previous leaders.

I understand that many may feel disconnected with ASI, or do not understand the involvement of ASI in the overall campus picture. This is exactly why you need to make your voice heard. Let’s face it, Todd knows the job, knows the people and knows how to make every students voice heard. Todd has the credibility within our community to make an impact on our campus.

Whether you are from the College of Engineering, Liberal Arts, Science and Mathematics, Business, Education, Architecture and Environmental Design or Agriculture, you can rest assured Todd will be your voice. Todd has the ability to bridge gaps and find solutions to virtually any issue, he has even united the College Republicans and College Democrats for a single cause. Todd Maki has the motivation and desire to lead our student body and make our voice heard in and around the community.

Mike Motroni

Chairman, ASI University Union Advisory Board

Civil engineering senior

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