Tom Petty’s new album “Highway Companion” is a smooth blend of toe-tapping music and sing-along vocals. Listeners will find themselves singing the lyrics after hearing the album only once.

The third album of Petty’s solo career is a perfect combination of slow and upbeat songs. The tunes are easy to listen to and are sure to be the newest addition to any playlist.

Petty has come a long way since leaving the Heartbreakers and is still impressing music critics everywhere. “Highway Companion” is not as good as his first two albums but still proves that Petty can make great music, according to a review on the “Rolling Stone” Web site.

The new album is an accurate example of Petty’s roots and true musical form. Although the last couple of songs may start to mellow out the end of the CD, it is still a work of musical art.

The solo hit “Saving Grace” is the perfect album opener with vocals that anyone can relate to. Petty sings about traveling around trying to find the place where he belongs. Its catchy tune will stick in your memory, and listeners will find themselves humming it later in the day.

Petty’s ability to make classic hits continues with the second tune “Square One.” The acoustic melody contrasts the peppy tone of “Saving Grace,” yet the lyrics share the same point – finding your place in life.

The vocals describe an aspiring tale of finding a clean slate. Anyone can relate to the song, because at one point in time we are all trying to get back to square one.

The album continues to amuse listeners with songs like “Jack” and “Turn this Car Around.” “Jack” is a classic tale about finding the perfect girl and getting her. The acoustic sound, combined with Petty’s smooth voice, creates a usual but clever love song.

“Turn this Car Around” is a blend of cutting guitar sounds and sharp vocals that offer a change from the other songs on the albums. The melancholy tone is different but sticks to the theme of traveling the highway.

The album may not get too many new fans, but it will certainly entertain faithful followers. Petty continues to prove that with age there is wisdom and knowledge.

“Highway Companion” is the perfect album for a car ride, a trip to the gym or just hanging out at home. The tunes will definitely keep listeners jamming to the tunes and wanting more.

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