Ryan Chartrand

As of late I’ve grown tired of the Mustang Daily political columnists.

First, Patrick Molnar, a fraud and a hypocrite. You might be worse than the Cal Poly College Republicans. At least we know that they’ve gone and taken the time to express their ridiculous views in the American political system; you have just preached.

Now on to the Republicans. Taylor Scott’s recent article is a disgrace to this newspaper and the students he represents. Taylor, there is no doubt that some readers (myself included) think you are an arrogant, ignorant racist, but only because that is how you portray yourself.

Your claim of Britain’s rule being “the best thing” for India is incomprehensible. How can one or two strange and possibly brutal cultural rituals be compared to 100 years of brutal rule against the will of an entire people? I think Gandhi would share this sentiment.

People don’t leave their countries to flee its culture, they leave to find greater opportunity for themselves and their children, something I’m sure you don’t understand. America is a land of many and ANY culture and calling your waiter “sir” doesn’t make us better than anyone else. Finally, keep thinking you can “literally say anything you want.” If that were the case, tens of thousands of war opponents (Patrick Molnar not included, he would just write about it) would have threatened President Bush, and I would have threatened you for being so ignorant, arrogant and racist.

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