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And now, the continuation of Mustang Daily’s first-person account of Nacho Tour, a Tour de Cheesy Force in downtown San Luis Obispo.

Downtown Brewing Co.: Into the saucy twilight

It was near 8:30 p.m. as we began the long journey into downtown San Luis Obispo. Some of the party decided to peace out early and our numbers dwindled down to about 15 to 20. No bother for the diehards and one enthusiastic reporter; we were hell-bent on completing the Nacho Tour.

After we trickled through Farmers’ Market, we found our way to Downtown Brewing Co. and propped ourselves on a couple of stools in the establishment’s plush second-story bar/lounge.

By this point, the company was getting more and more saucy, and there was a steady and increasing flow of beer and cocktails.

“Oh my god, my philosophy teacher drew ’69’ on the chalkboard and had no idea what it meant,” someone in our entourage said. “Oh really? Well, my mom asked me what ‘dry humping’ was. She had no clue,” said another.

“I’m really trying to stay away from Cactus Coolers because I’m kind of a health nut,” said a girl at my table, while two guys across from me knocked glasses and yelled, “Living the dream, baby. Oh yeah.” Did I mention we were getting nachos?

When the nachos finally arrived, they were truly a sight to behold. Crispy, oven baked tortilla chips, diced onions, olives, black beans, sour cream, salsa, guacamole, freaking loads of jalape¤os, and diced carne asada -sheer excellence.

I gave Downtown Brewing Co.’s nachos 13 out of 15 for original ingredients and unmatched taste. My only knock against them was, well, actually, I can’t remember, but I had to be a scrupulous perfectionist, so I couldn’t possibly give them a perfect score.

Spike’s: The mission that never was

To the courteous folks at Spikes: We failed you. Sadly, the Nacho Tour would end that Thursday night at Downtown Brew. It was 10:15 p.m., and the party was sure that the kitchen was closed at Spike’s. The Nacho Tour will see you next year.

As for the winner, Agribusiness senior JessicaWallstrom informed me that Pepe Delgado’s came in third with an average score of 8.4, Downtown Brew came in second with an average score of 10.4, and Viarta’s took the crown with an average score of 12.

As for myself, I learned a couple of things about nacho critiquing, and made some new friends along the tour. I found the members who joined the adventure to be a fun and inviting lot, worthy of this detailed account of our nacho-munching endeavor.

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