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Tuesday’s weather forecast was 70 degrees and sunny in San Luis Obispo, which is very different than the forecast over on the East Coast, where a blizzard named “Jonas” — and not of the brothers kind — has made a hit.

No storm in California means students can enjoy musical hits and study for midterms under the sun.


Alyssa Wogahn, child development senior

Listening to: “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac

MN: Where do you imagine yourself listening to this song other than here?



AW: “I imagine myself on the way to the desert, in a car with some friends, with the windows rolled down and cactus in the distance.”


Benjamin Porter, aerospace engineering freshman

Listening to: “Frozen Tundra” by Bobby Raps

MN: If you could personify this song to a city you’ve visited, been to or just have knowledge about, which would it be and why?



BP: “I haven’t been (there) but it would be St. Paul, Minnesota because that’s where he’s from so he tries to pull from his roots there.”


Dallas Butler, economics junior

Listening to: “Stay” by Kygo

MN: What movie or T.V. show soundtrack do you think this song would fit into?



DB: “I think it would fit in better with a commercial, maybe like a shoe brand — Converse or Vans.”


Megan Gage, food science freshman

Listening to: “Fool for Love” by Lord Huron

MN: What special life event do you think this song is good for?



MG: “Falling in love. (It’s) pretty much just a love song.”


Taylor Page, chemistry sophomore

Listening to: “Silver Coin” by Angus & Julia Stone

MN: Describe how this song makes you feel.



TP: “(It) particularly makes me focused, studying for a linear exam.”

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