I would like to complain about the artwork that sadly dresses the walls upstairs in the UU outside of Chumash Auditorium. Specifically, I am most angry with Merhdad Sheikh’s “Web of Life,” a wall sculpture that spreads across the wall to the left of the beautiful Marie Curie. More like Web of Suck.

First, this piece spreads the walls like a monstrous, derranged, metal animous and has no redeaming qualities. It has two oddly formed figures merging with a gigantic web. What is that!? Why are they playing in a web? Where is the “Life” in this web?

Secondly, it’s dangerous. People hit their heads on it when they get up from their chairs. Overall, I can’t imagine anything positive said about this trashwork. No one should have to experience the Web of Life anymore. It’s crap.

Jake Howell
Graphic design junior

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