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Now presenting the application period for the sponsor of the Stang Gang and the official sponsor of Cal Poly Athletics: Valencia Apartments — a premier complex for students at Cal Poly and Cuesta College. Starting Dec. 1, students can apply to live on 555 Ramona Drive, less than a mile from Cal Poly’s campus. Valencia offers 160 comfortable townhomes in addition to several amenities. The 3-bedroom and 1.5 bath as well as the 3-bedroom and 2 bath apartments are spacious and ideal for accommodating roommates. This year students are encouraged to apply early for the best rates. There will be about five increases in rates throughout the year and applying earlier will ensure the best rate.

The newly renovated clubhouse includes a theatre room, computer lab, private study rooms, a modern gym and communal kitchen. There are signups for tenants to use these areas and there is a schedule prepared every week. After using the spaces, the tenant can write down what they touched so that it is properly cleaned before its next use. Members of on-campus Greek Life organizations have used the updated game room in the clubhouse for socially distant gatherings as well.

Every year, Valencia works hard to improve the 24-hour staff and their relationships with the tenants. The staff wants students to know that they are not just there to take rent checks, but they are genuinely interested in how their tenants are doing. They value connectedness within communal areas.

Valencia does not require its tenants to fill their apartment. The complex offers roommate matching for those who may need just one or several more people to fill the unit. Each tenant is responsible for their own individual contract. Students can be at ease knowing that they have their own rental agreement. With that, there are also student discounts for those who have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Depending on the GPA, discounts can range from $50-$100 off of rent each month. 

Interested applicants can check out the link to virtual tours on Ride the highest at Valencia, and don’t forget to apply early for the best rates.

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