Too often I see disgusting overgeneralizations of an entire group of people, which are usually based on the most “extreme” members that seem to represent that group. I thought, “Finally a column that has hope of arguing with facts and logic instead of manipulative and trashy middle-school ways of trying to prove a point.” I was yet again let down. The failure of the entire article occurred the moment the luring phrase of “crazy liberals” turned into the notion of all liberals. Although there is a small group of liberals that are considered extreme and call Republicans “fascists” and “Nazis,” I don’t believe that even 1 percent of liberals in San Luis Obispo, and in general, fall into that category, nor have I ever seen any screaming in the streets of San Luis Obispo waving signs of hatred. I was at least pleased to see your point that one president does not define all Republicans, but then why should a small sliver of “crazy liberals” define all liberals, as you lead the readers to believe? That is not exactly a “logical argument.”

While the comment about more welfare for “crack-whores and their children” was appreciated, I found it particularly offensive being a child who grew up on welfare, nonetheless to a mother with a master’s degree from Cornell and a father with a doctorate from Washington University in St. Louis. I guess “crack-whores” is good enough to generalize them. Bad times fall on all of us and the government is there to help the American people. Sometimes working a minimum-wage job like McDonalds is not enough to afford a home in San Luis Obispo. The war on poverty is not the only failing war that we incessantly keep pouring money into; try the war on drugs and the war in Iraq, two heavily conservative-based goals . where are they?

As far as the Middle East, I have never heard of even an extreme liberal denying that there is anything wrong there, but our intervention is not making it better. Even the government in the National Intelligence Estimate stated that by going into Iraq, we have made global terrorism worse. That report was not compiled by any “crazy liberals” but rather U.S. government officials.

We wonder why this country is so divided when you talk as if it’s every American for himself/herself out there. Unity, helping others and maybe sacrificing a percentage of the millions of dollars many indifferent Americans spend frivolously each year to help MILLIONS of other Americans is where we should be headed. Many liberals fall into that category of wealthy Americans and are willing to sacrifice a percentage of their salaries because they believe in helping others that aren’t as fortunate. How you declare that “crazy” and then continue to assert that people with those generous qualities share the characteristics of suicidal people is extremely hard for me to find “logical.” Helping others doesn’t sound “suicidal” or hateful toward America. That sounds like common sense for anyone with any good inside his heart. Continue laughing at how crazy we Americans all are while we wait for you to grow up and to begin thinking rationally.

Andrew Wright is a industrial engineering junior and a Mustang Daily guest columnist.

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