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I have tricks in my pocket – I have a few things up my sleeve – but I promise you, I am no magician. I do not travel through time and conquer strange lands, or fight off magical creatures and turn them to sand. Or do I?

It’s true, last night I killed Bill, became the “Lord of the Rings,” and got “Lost in Translation” all in one glorious, panoramic adventure. What’s happening to me? Is fiction becoming reality, or am I finally losing my mind? Everything’s a blur; perhaps I’ve been watching too many movies.

For all you film buffs out there plagued with these same existential questions, you can stop dialing your shrink; I know what needs to be done. It’s time to put the Netflix down and step away from the HDTV, people.

Probably one of the most ingenious, albeit addictive, inventions on Earth, increasingly popular online DVD rental agencies like Netflix and Blockbuster online have infiltrated mainstream American culture and have revolutionized the way we rent and view films.

Today, I can proudly attest to the ingenuity of this new technology that brings DVDs directly to your doorstep, being a self-proclaimed addict myself. Look no further than your own mailbox to appreciate the dynamic wonders of the U.S. Postal Service, and appreciate the perks of an unlimited supply of DVD rentals.

Does anyone realize what this means? I will tell you. The birth of this glorious technology means that online agencies like Netflix and Blockbuster have eliminated the hassle of actually going to a video store and pulling your hair out when you hear that unapologetic phrase, “I’m sorry, it looks like the film you’ve requested is not in stock.”

Not to mention the fact that they’ve done away with the concept of late fees altogether. With no worries about returning the movie on time, you simply send the movie back in the mail when you are finished viewing it, whenever you want; with free postage, may I add.

Now, not only are film enthusiasts a few clicks away from having the greatest cinematic adventures ever, but the rate in which we have them is simply unprecedented. Topping off around three good Netflix experiences weekly, if not more, the die-hard film connoisseur can now die happy.

If you dig obscure indie dramas, off-the-wall comedies, or never-before-seen foreign films, Netflix’s pervasive selection of movies, readily available discs and speedy mailing system make this innovative creation a must-have. Not to mention its highly-acclaimed categories page featuring an extensive amount of user commentary and ratings to aid in your movie-selecting experience.

For just under $18 a month, depending on your selected plan, the die-hard enthusiast, the casual fan, and even the occasional movie dabbler can all find common ground on which to stand.

So the next time you want to chat with Tarantino, accompany Frodo on his courageous mission, or bounce a few jokes off Bill Murray, remember, entering the magical world of perpetual imagination is just two clicks and a monthly subscription away.

Alexandra Bezdikian is a journalism senior with a minor in religious studies. E-mail questions or comments to albezdikian@gmail.com

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