Laughing at the stupidity of San Luis Obispo locals will never get old. See this gem from Dr. Steve Sainsbury of Sierra Vista hospital: “…dispensing multiple packs of ‘morning-after’ pills to the young (mostly female) Mardi Gras devotees that awake in horror the next day…” Only a SLOcal could be so aghast at the way that most of the patients requesting emergency contraception are women. The fact that San Luis Obispo natives choose to be treated by a medical doctor who doesn’t know where babies come from is hilarious enough to make me overlook the obvious contempt that this man and his neighbors hold for us, as is evidenced in his use of the relative pronoun that to describe Cal Poly’s women. Dr Sainsbury clearly thinks of us as animals, objects or something equally subhuman.

Steven Rosen

City and regional planning senior

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