Ryan Chartrand

After hearing of the killings at the mall in Nebraska, I couldn’t help but think that the young man responsible could’ve been someone you knew. So many young people have had terrible childhoods and are expected at 18 or 20 to get a job and just get over it. Having been a “welfare kid” as a child, I could relate to feeling like you are a burden. It is interesting that we, that is our leaders, focus on some things to solve and other things just are ignored or pushed under the proverbial rug. The problem of dumping kids out of foster homes onto the streets without community or family support is something that actually has gotten some interest lately. But it receives nowhere near the amount of interest generated by, say, the potential dangers of Iraq.

Our own country is so full of problems that are ready to blow up in our faces literally. Yet, we pursue the problems of another country vigorously. My dentist, who is Korean, said, “What happened to America?” Indeed, that is the question. I think our leaders do not offer any good example of idealism. They are the worst of us usually. They are found to be a great disappointment, morally, intellectually and strategically. I would say that no one decent wants to be president. I am suspect of anyone who would want the job actually. Look at the difference between speeches of FDR or John Kennedy and then look at Mitt Romney or Barack Obama. It is some kind of money game. No wonder kids are depressed and see themselves and others as pieces of shit, pardon my slang.

Until people are valued more than money, we will continue to have depression that erupts into violence in our country.

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