You can imagine my embarrassment when I came across a San Francisco writer’s commentary on the assault on free speech our country has faced in recent years and saw my alma mater as an example of Orwellian like thought control. ( “When Speech Becomes a Crime” by Cinnamon Stillwell, June 28, 2006)

I missed the 2003 story of College Republican Steve Hinkle being found guilty by Cal Poly for “disruption” for the crime of putting up a flier advertising a black conservative speaker. I wish I knew the final outcome for Steve – perhaps he switched sides and is now an ACLU lawyer. If everything I read in the UPI story rings true, that Steve faced trumped up charges and expulsion for posting a flier, then my alma mater should be embarrassed. I have my own opinions and voice them freely and, while I may disagree with another point of view, I have nothing but respect for those brave enough to stand for their beliefs. Likewise, I pity cowards who hide behind “politically correct” laws to squash the free speech and expression of others.

Ultra-conservatism sparked a liberal movement in the sixties that still burns today, what makes one think that ultra-liberalism has not perhaps sparked a new conservative movement? Bush 2000 could have gone either way; Bush 2004 was a solid victory. Right now Arnold ’06 is sounding pretty good to me.

Kurt A. Schwabe

Political science alum, 1992

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