Christopher Gunn

The cast of the “Surreal Life: Season Six” took over KSBY’s evening newscast and mingled in downtown San Luis Obispo during one of the show’s big trip excursions Thursday.

The cast includes Sherman Hemsley from the 70s hit sitcom, “The Jeffersons;” Steve Harwell, the front man for the band Smash Mouth; C.C. DeVille the guitarist of the popular big hair band Poison from the 80s; Tawny Kitaen, the vixen who was made famous after her notorious appearances in Whitesnakes music videos; Alexis Arquette, actor and David Arquette’s brother; Andrea Lowell from Playboy TV; Florence Henderson, everyone’s favorite mother from “The Brady Bunch;” and Mavin Huffman, former WWE wrestler, the VH1 proclaimed mystery man.

During the course of the night, the cast drank and ate with San Luis Obispo locals, mostly at the downtown restaurant Mission Grill.

Anyone appearing with the cast members were asked to sign a waiver allowing VH1 to use their faces on national television.

The opportunity to make a statement on television was enough to draw some spectators out to the bars that night.

A cast tab at the bar allowed the personalities to dispense drinks and in turn drink as much as they wanted.

At one point, Huffman began to take off his shirt for a group of girls mingling at the bar.

“This is my first experience in a San Luis Obispo bar, and it’s with ‘The Surreal Life,’” said speech communications senior Melissa Marks, who spent time mingling with Huffman and Arquette.

“The Surreal Life: Season Six” is scheduled to premier in January 2006 on VH1.

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