Ryan Chartrand

To all you highly offended readers out there: grow a sense of humor, you pansies.

I read James Koman’s infamous column, and then guess what I did? I didn’t whine or cry about it, I didn’t think of all the ways it hurt race relations in this country, and I didn’t immediately write a list of all the different countries in Europe my ancestors came from … I laughed. Because it was funny.

Maybe it’s because I don’t drive a gas-pissing battle station, or maybe it’s because I’m actually 1/32 black (you can tell from my blinding white tan), but surprisingly enough, I wasn’t horribly offended by it. More likely it’s because I understand words like “sarcasm” and “self-deprecating humor,” and I’m not even an English major!

But I have to congratulate you on one thing: you finally managed to conjure up some moral outrage. That’s a good start.

Now, take that anger and apply it to something that actually MATTERS. We face issues like war (that we’re fighting for who knows what reason anymore), torture, wholesale stripping of civil liberties, rampant disregard of global warming, and 24/7 news coverage of Anna Nicole Smith, and most of you couldn’t care less. But somebody makes fun of your Burger King order and your choice of bumper adornment, and suddenly you’re up in arms?

Grow up and get over yourself. I’m sorry that your fragile suburbanite ego has been bruised, but you just proved the column right.

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