Forget Mardi Gras. It’s time to focus on something that students actually have a say about. I’m talking about Wildflower. For those of you who don’t know what it is, Wildflower is a Tri-California event where Cal Poly students camp out and volunteer for a weekend for the second largest triathlon in the world. Last year, due to liability reasons of underage drinking, Tri-California had to change the alcohol policy, allowing no student to bring in their own alcohol. This change has had a dramatic effect on Cal Poly students’ support of the event, and it has caused a spread of rumors that I want to put an end to. The most common rumor I heard was that there would be no alcohol at the event, which is completely false. Tri-California has made the effort to provide a “beer garden” for students of age, serving a variety of beers from Firestone to Budlight for one cheap price. (You get free beers for volunteering.) There were other rumors as well, but they all stemmed from this key issue. Basically, I want students to forget the rumors, come support Wildflower and make the weekend what it once was. How can you pass up a weekend of camping with all students, live entertainment, free food and good old volunteering?

The party is not over for Wildflower on May 5-7, and it’s up to you as Cal Poly students to keep this event alive. It’s not too late to sign a group up. E-mail for more details. Feel free to send suggestions or concerns as well. We’re all ears!

Kristin Zellhart

Nutrition junior

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