Tyler Middlestadt

So you want to change the world? Well here’s your chance. ASI election season is fast approaching and our question to you is, “Will YOU be a candidate?” ASI Student Government offers an incredible opportunity to develop your leadership skills in a professional business setting while also advocating on behalf of students and getting educated about our university and many issues that affect students.

The positions that will be elected this spring are ASI president and representatives to the Board of Directors.

The ASI president acts as the chief student advocate and sets the goals and direction for ASI. This position is elected popularly by the entire student body. As ASI president you are responsible for providing the student voice to the university and the community on many important issues. You also serve as chair of the Student Community Liaison Committee which brings together representatives from across the community to tackle important issues and work towards building community in SLO.

This year as president, I worked to improve public and alternative transportation, promoted sustainability and diversity, increased campus club involvement, collaborated with the community on solving Mardi Gras challenges, represented Cal Poly at the California State Student Association and advocated for quality and affordability in the CSU system.

Members of the Board of Directors (BOD) oversee the ASI corporation and represent their constituents on current issues. They are elected by students within their college. Each college has multiple seats on the BOD determined by the population of that college. The breakdown of seats is: Agriculture (5), Engineering (5), Liberal Arts (4), Business (3), Science and Math (3) and Architecture (3). The BOD is responsible for allocating the resources of ASI and acting as the official voice of the students by stating opinions on issues that affect students.

This year the BOD has advocated for increased collaboration between campus entities, supported sexual assault awareness programs, supported January’s theme “Sustainability: Resolve to Change Your World,” and advocated for the re-investment of public funds in the CSU system to support California’s future. The BOD also created a grant funding program to support Student Life & Leadership programming, Homecoming and the ASI Sport Club Council.

I chose to run for the Board of Directors three years ago to see what it was all about. Since then, that decision has opened countless doors of opportunity, and also gave me the privilege of serving as your student body president. Overall my experience in ASI has provided me invaluable insights into what it takes to successfully operate a large business while also helping to develop my skills in public speaking, debate, political leadership and building community.

In my opinion, there’s no better way to prepare for real-world leadership than getting involved in ASI student government and making a difference on your own campus. You don’t have to choose between ASI and other organizations either; many of our representatives are extremely active in everything from greek organizations to Cal Poly clubs.

If you’ve got big dreams for your future, and you’re looking for a great place to start, then ASI Student Government is the place for you. We provide extensive training to all of our members so you can be successful in ASI even with little or no leadership background. Take my advice and give it a try! See you on Election Day!

Tylor Middlestadt is the ASI President and Mustang Daily columnist who thinks you’re a natural leader and can be reached at: tmiddles@calpoly.edu; 756.5828; AIM: CPASI President

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