Ryan Chartrand

I apologize, Mr. Portugal; maybe my irony of mimicking your style of reducing an argument to a few sound bites didn’t get across to you. Yes, I realize 500 words is not enough to attack every part of America. So please, focus on one at a time, maybe?

Let’s start with why you feel someone “could win a Nobel Prize for a fictitious subject.” I’m sure there are a lot of Cal Poly students who believe in this fictitious global warming subject and need enlightening. Or how about how you “don’t think that the paper should publish anything having to do with homosexuality. Just like how (Ms. Haeussling) feels guns are bad for a college environment, I feel that homosexuality is equally hazardous.” I have explained my views pretty succinctly in 500 words before, and I’m giving you the opportunity now.

And by the way, I am sorry I took your continually condemning America as not being a proud American. My bad.

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