Cameron Ingalls/Cal Poly Commencement Office

One of the most important concerns when a person is determining which college to attend — and ultimately graduate from — is the level of hire-ability that school will give them. Cal Poly is a school that excels in that particular measure.

For approximately 30 years, Cal Poly has been compiling a yearly graduate status report, coordinator for the graduate status report Seth Igarta said.  In recent years, more schools have followed suit — compiling lists leading to a more uniform form being developed, which Cal Poly implemented for summer 2015 graduates to fill out, instead of the previously used form.

Part of the report compiles, from what students report, what percentage of students are currently in graduate school, seeking, not seeking, employed full-time and employed part-time.

The reports are taken from respondents up until nine months after they graduate. Summer, fall, winter and spring graduations are taken into account, in that order.

“What we see from our outcomes, for the most part, 90 percent of our students within nine months of graduating are either working or going to grad school,” Igarta said.

For the current 2013-14 report, 86 percent of respondents either found jobs or enrolled in graduate school. An important part of that number is that of that 86 percent, 94 percent found jobs related to their major.

“We’re fortunate that we have a major draw,” Igarta said. “We hold a career fair, and hundreds of companies come, three times a year.”

Cal Poly also offers opportunities for students to attend graduate school. Animal science senior Elizabeth Anne will officially graduate from Cal Poly in spring 2016, but through a special Cal Poly program has already begun vet school in Glasgow, Scotland.

Cal Poly gave me the opportunity to be part of this fantastic study abroad program and build a relationship with a vet school early on in my education,” Anne said.

These outcomes are based on what students accomplish during their time at Cal Poly. The reason that employers and graduate schools want Cal Poly students is that they come prepared.

“From what we hear from employers, it’s our philosophy of education and Learn by Doing,” Igarta said. “It is the hands-on application of knowledge and skill that makes our students prepared for the workforce.”

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