Ryan Chartrand

First, I’d like to say that I most certainly agree with you, Ms. Newman, that drinking and debating politics should never be mixed. I’d also like to add that publishing an article about your drunken political conversation should be a big college “no no” as well. Well, since you seem to be open to new concepts, here’s one from me – a sober, well informed, registered (and experienced) voter. Believe it or not, you CAN vote for whomever you wish! If you’ve ever actually seen a ballot (and I’m hoping you have considering you wrote an article about voting) you might have noticed that at the bottom of the list of candidates there is a blank line, and under this line it reads “write-in.” This is where your drunkard “genius” acquaintance probably gained his inspiration.

And here’s just one more rule: Before writing an article about voting, do some research. And by research I mean practice what you preach and VOTE!

Kate Downey
biological sciences junior

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