Graphic used for promotion of the "Yours Truly" art exhibit, collage of names. Credit: Courtesy of Cal Poly Art and Design Department

The Art and Design Department’s “Yours Truly” exhibition opened June 2 in the University Art Gallery inside the Walter F. Dexter Building (34) and will be on display until June 17.

Viewers can expect a collection of diverse student work including dynamic large-scale paintings, elaborately physical installations and delicately sentimental drawings.  

“In a real way, students have been working on the pieces for this show for the last four years,” studio art professor Sara J. Frantz said. “Every previous success and failure was a step to bring them closer to the most recent work. For most of the students, the work shown is part of a personal, researched series that culminates with the show and has taken months/years to complete.”

Viewers have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the final farewell works of 31 graduating artists from the Art and Design program at Cal Poly.

“This is a wonderful group of students that are in a unique position of having made work both on-campus and in the COVID void,” Frantz said.  “I believe this capstone exhibition really demonstrates the grit, creative flexibility, and joy that are necessary not only to being a successful artist but being a successful member of a community.  I couldn’t be prouder of what they have achieved.”