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More than 120 people are dead following the worst attack on France since World War II.

The most recent report from the French police states that 128 people are dead after a series of coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday evening. More than 350 victims were wounded and 99 are in critical condition. One of those reported dead was an American student from El Monte in Southern California. Nohemi Gonzales, 23, was a junior at California State University, Long Beach who was studying design in Paris.

The series of attacks took place at multiple locations, including a soccer stadium and three popular bars. However, the largest act occurred at Bataclan, a popular concert hall, where an American band was playing. Approximately 80 people were killed by terrorists during a siege of the hall by the police.

The Associated Press has confirmed that eight terrorists are dead, seven of whom killed themselves using suicide vests. French authorities are still searching for possible accomplices in the attack and have banned all public transportation in Paris until Thursday.

As a result of the attacks, French President Francois Hollande has declared a state of emergency, closed the French borders and authorized 1,500 troops to patrol Paris streets.

Hollande blamed the attacks on ISIS in a speech Saturday morning, stating that the attacks were an “act of war” by ISIS jihadists. However, he also offered hope in the same speech, declaring, “France is strong, and nothing can hold her down … She is vigilant, and she will triumph.”

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