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This post has been paid for by Cal Poly Corporation’s Campus Dining, and does not reflect the editorial coverage of Mustang News. 

Sure, the walk down the stairs of Chumash Auditorium to Red Radish is a piece of cake. Yes, it is incredibly convenient to step out of Mott Athletics Center and head to The Avenue just a few feet ahead. Maybe the trip from the Recreation Center over to Lucy’s is a stroll at best. The options are centralized on campus for students’ ease, but there are other tasty spots just up the hill ready to explore.

Get your running shoes and water bottle ready — here are five reasons why making the trek to Tacos To-Go in Poly Canyon Village is totally worth it.

1. Two words: Taco Tuesday

We all love a good Taco Tuesday deal.

There are $1 street tacos every week right here on campus at Tacos To-Go.

2. It’s the perfect Poly Canyon hike pit-stop

Time to break out the hiking shoes? Whether your day’s adventure is to the serenity swing, to the architecture graveyard or to the new and infamous trampoline, Poly Canyon Village is in a prime location to grab a bite to eat on your way up.

3. Breakfast is served all day long

No matter how long it takes you to complete the journey, you will never be too late to order breakfast.

Want to grab breakfast before your first class of the day? Wake up too late for breakfast burritos elsewhere? Having one of those breakfast-for-dinner kind of nights? Tacos To-Go has you covered all around. Bonus: bring a friend along for the BOGO Breakfast Burrito deal and buy one get one half off.

4. There are 5 pound burritos at the summit

Now that you’ve worked up your appetite from the trek and are up to the next challenge, it’s time to take on the Iguana Burrito. This burrito is 5 pounds of whatever your heart desires; everything from beans to meats to cheeses and veggies goes into this monster of a meal. Champions get posted on the restaurant Wall of Fame for all Mustangs to see.

5. Simply put: nothing says victory quite like fresh guacamole and chips

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