Emilie Johnson | KCPR
Emilie Johnson | KCPR

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There is always something to do while in SLO and always something to listen to while doing those things!

Whether you’re spending a hot sunny day at the beach, on campus walking to pick up some food or watching the sunset with friends – here are some playlists for a few of those activities:

Beach Day at Avila

This playlist is full of upbeat, pretty well-known songs to enjoy at the beach. It will keep you energized and dancing no matter how sunburnt you get!

Sunset at Prefumo Canyon

This is the playlist you want playing when you’re watching the beautiful sunset and taking in every view. The music won’t distract you from what you’re seeing. It is chill enough that it doesn’t overpower your surroundings, but it is filled with enjoyable songs that will enhance your experience. 

Shopping Downtown

The songs on this playlist are perfect for walking downtown, window shopping or getting a bite to eat. It has a variety of cheerful songs – some from today and a decent amount from past decades. 

Bonfire at Grover Beach

Once again, this is music meant to enhance your activity not overpower it. This playlist has good music that you don’t feel terrible talking over. Still, when you hear it, you might just feel inclined to groove along!

Walking around campus

This is music that you can keep your pace to if you’re late to class or dying to pick up your Starbucks order. 

Exploring Montaña de Oro

Emilie Johnson | KCPR

These are songs that carry a somewhat “whimsical” energy. Walking around and exploring MDO is exactly that. Being in MDO, you are surrounded by beautiful landscapes and unique nature-made designs, so this is the playlist you want in the background. 

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