Ryan Chartrand

Abortion display: What debate?

The abortion display meant to provoke debate failed because it only showed one side. What I am expressing here is just another side that I think also needs to be said before reasonable opinions can be formed.

I see stories about abortions for “convenience,” but where are the stories about unwed teenage mothers dropping out of high school? We’re all human and we don’t always make the smartest decisions when hormones rage. Rape happens all the time as a result.

Parents aren’t always so supportive, either. I knew someone who was kicked out of her home so she had to raise a kid when she could barely support herself at the ripe old age of 15.

Where are the stories about women who will actually die if they have a kid, or severely retarded rape victims who have to raise a child when they can’t even care for themselves?

There aren’t nearly enough people seeking to adopt as there would be children available. But even if abortion were made illegal, it wouldn’t just disappear; it would go underground, risking both lives involved.

Also, couldn’t it be said that since it takes sperm and eggs to make a life, that killing them would be genocidal? Could people be charged with manslaughter for masturbating or having periods? When does the regulation go too far? I don’t think there is a neat and tidy way to say how it should be dealt with. But we can at least show more than one opinion.

Diana Watkins
Graphic communication junior

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