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The first issues of the Polygram were hardly the type of newspapers we see today. For instance, the front page (above) of the first four-page paper contains no actual news – just a short story.

Subsequent early issues mostly featured similar stories, jokes, announcements and personals.

The third page of the first-ever issue of the Polygram contains a blurb about a campus club that gave a “delightful picnic Hay Day at Atascadero Lake.”

This mentioning was followed by the personals, but very different from the ones you’ll find on For example, the first of three listed was “‘Nick’ Gates and ‘Plakie’ Kellogg were pleased to receive a visit from their folks last week.”

To get students excited about the new “official organ of the Student Body,” editor Raymond Harr wrote that “anybody can start something, but it takes brains, support and ambition to keep it going and to improve it.”

Ninety years later, the 2006 Mustang Daily editors and reporters strive to reach those ideals by continually turning to students and faculty for help and collaboration.

As the student body’s official organ all these year’s later, we thrive off your support more than ever. Send us e-mails, drop by the newsroom, let us know about events around campus, and let us know how we can serve you better.

We’re still here 90 years later because of you and for you.

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