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Approximately 50 activists held signs that read “Learn by killing” and “There is no excuse for animal abuse” as the on-campus J & G Lau Family Meat Processing Center faced another protest today.

The group first marched from Dexter Lawn to Administration (building 1) before walking down California Boulevard and to the meat processing center, which was blocked off with University Police present.

Video by Kallyn Hobmann

“The time is now. The time for the animal rights movement has come,” 16-year-old activist Zoe Rosenberg said.

Rosenberg has protested to end the slaughtering of Cal Poly animals before and was arrested in April on charges of trespassing and resisting arrest after chaining herself to a corral behind the meat processing center.

The activists stood along the fencing and read letters they had written to the animals killed.

“Slaughtering sentient beings is not a good thing,” electrical engineering senior Drew Taylor said. “I hope it brings more awareness to the fact that animals are being killed on campus.”

The Meat Processing Center was blocked off with University Police present. Kallyn Hobmann | Mustang News

University Spokesperson Matt Lazier said Cal Poly insists on the humane and ethical treatment of animals used on campus or by affiliated programs.

“Cal Poly employs a staff of dedicated veterinarians throughout the year to ensure all animals are always given the medical care and attention they need,” Lazier said in a statement. “Cal Poly recognizes its responsibilities to ensure that animals are well cared for, and therefore adheres to all applicable federal, state, local and institutional laws or guidelines governing animal welfare.”

Today’s protest ended peacefully, but activists said they will continue to hold these protests until the meat processing center is shut down.

Kylie Kowalske | Mustang News

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